About Me

I believe every person was created in the image of God and formed to reflect that creativity. This spot in the World Wide Web gives a small outlet for creative expression through writing as well as making some design through code. My hope is that you will be intrigued about what you read, want to learn something new or discuss more with me. Feel free to drop me a line on twitter @toddheitmann or email me to chat more.

To get to know me better, dive into a few of my favorite posts:

Standard blogging insight urges the writer to cultivate a community around a focused topic for readers. I suppose this website will be relegated to bullpen status, as articles generally fall into these three broad categories.


The journey of life takes winding paths. This category allows for general discussion of different topics as I meet them on said journey.


This section of articles features content curated from the web. I share articles and discussions that help me think deeply about a subject. This category also allows me to think through and process the information and tracks my views across time. The format is somewhat of a throwback to the yesteryears of blogging, sharing stories and how they affect you.


Technology can be as simple as a paper and pen to as complex as the Large Hadron Collider @CERN. I enjoy understanding how different systems work, their benefit and the possible ethics behind their use (or misuse). I plan to present code I work through or find interesting, however, I am not a developer or software engineer (so please be kind).


As I understand more about myself and how I recharge, I realize books play a key role in this. I enjoy good fiction and learning more about the world. Do not expect in depth reviews or comparative literature; I am hardly a critic. I hope the different topics peak your curiosity, leading you to explore something new. Expect monthly posts for previous readings with a brief description of each book. In the future, you can find book reviews that I find especially enjoying or enlightening.