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Leveraging Technology for the Eternal

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While smartphones often use the urgent to distract from the important, a few apps prioritize eternal information. Neubible, Verses and Echo creates useful content on our distraction devices.


Many Bible apps exist displaying an assortment of features to enhance user engagement. Because numerous options exist, each app tailors features and flow to stand out from the rest. However, due to the sad state of search within the app store, finding the best one is difficult. Therefore, many default to the first choice without exploring other options.

NueBible provides two key features: simplicity and speed. The creators of NeuBible, formerly at major tech companies such as Apple and Twitter, describe their vision:

The idea for NeuBible was born out of our want for a simple, beautiful Bible reading app that allows quick and intuitive access to scripture. An app that doesn’t place features ahead of experience, is aware of how and when people use their devices, and is mindful of the fact that reading the Bible is a very personal experience.

The beautiful design stands above the rest, allows me to immerse in the word.

The speed amazes and lets me quickly jump to a new passage when I hear a cross-reference during a sermon. Search simply works, and I copy, paste, and return to my notes without missing the next key point.

Thank you Kory Westerhold and Aaron Martin for creating a great app!


Verses combines several games to help us remember the eternal word of God. Five different options increase the level of difficulty until you are typing in the whole verse. I love how the text input requires only the first letter of each word. This methods slows me down enough to think about each word, but keeps a fast enough pace to review verses quickly.

Verses keeps track of how often you review so you know what to cover next. The easy and intuitive app helps me manage all the verses I cover, even if I forgot I memorized a verse awhile ago.

Overall I enjoy how it gamifies learning and keeps me motivated to review and improve. While not the best option for everyone, a trial run might get you hooked!


I hate telling people I will pray for them and failing to follow through. While I could use Evernote to keep track, I prefer to use a clean simple app for this specific purpose. Echo steps into this role by providing key features to help me along in my prayer life.

Echo’s features are short and sweet. Input prayers, be reminded to pray, and give you space to pray. Each interaction boasts a simple and beautifully designed interface.

Each prayer I add focuses on a specific topic that a friend or family is going through. With Echo’s clever use of tagging, I easily filter to topics about a specific person.

After input, I set specific reminders, if needed. This allows me to pray leading up to, directly before, and during the event or activity. I only use these for time sensitive material and is not required for every prayer.

The ease of going through prayers is the key feature as the simple, beautiful design draws out the text. I filter based on hashtags from my input and swipe through as I pray. My heart connects as I am reminded details to focus on.

I hope these apps give you ideas about personal growth in 2017. Please take a look at NueBible, Verses, and Echo for yourself!

Enjoy these or use another app that helps you grow? Connect with me on twitter @toddheitmann and send me a DM.