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How Mr. Rogers practiced truly seeing people - A look at the movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

“The most important thing to me right now is talking to Lloyd Vogel.”

That particular line may not have much significance to you now, but it’s a crucial part of an introductory phone call between a jaded journalist and Fred Rogers (played by Tom Hanks) in the new film, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” (rated PG).

This film of Mr. Rodgers provides an example of valuing everyone created in the image of God. I highly recommend reading this article and checking out the movie.

Why We Should Redeem Tetirement

“What am I going to do with my retirement?” The anxious question came from Anne Bell, a recently retired researcher at the University of Northern Colorado.

This quote is basically the summary of what happens when we focus on retirement over kingdom living:

More Boomers are questioning whether living in a Corona commercial can satisfy the heart’s longing for purpose over a lifetime – even if they could afford it. Mitch Anthony, author of The New Retirementality writes, “Retirement is an illusion because those who can afford the illusion are disillusioned by it, and those who cannot afford the illusion are haunted by it.”

My Markdown Writing and Collaboration Workflow, Powered by Working Copy 3.6, iCloud Drive, and GitHub

Great ideas on writing with git. I use something similar for this website.

Whether you’re a writer or a programmer or just need to collaborate with someone on specific documents, and particularly if GitHub makes sense for your needs, I highly recommend checking out Working Copy and its new Files integration. I’m glad I started using this app two years ago, and I’m amazed by how much its developer continues to push the envelope for what is possible with file management on iOS.

Just Write Down What You Do

Chris presents great ideas for tracking projects and priorities with specific examples.

The daily log is the core of my entire productivity approach system, as well as the foundation of this specific logging strategy. These entries each includes:

Opening Day in St. Louis - A Holiday Unlike Any Other

The Cardinals are home, the sun is shining, and the town is painted red. There’s a street festival going on around the Busch Stadium, turning the downtown asphalt and concrete into a baseball Woodstock… “They know the game,” Stan Musial told author Rob Rains. “They understand the game, but most important, they love the game. And they love the Cardinals. You can’t teach that. It has to come from the heart.”

The Inside Story Of How An Ivy League Food Scientist Turned Shoddy Data Into Viral Studies

Ideally, statisticians say, researchers should set out to prove a specific hypothesis before a study begins. Wansink, in contrast, was retroactively creating hypotheses to fit data patterns that emerged after an experiment was over.

Now, interviews with a former lab member and a trove of previously undisclosed emails show that, year after year, Wansink and his collaborators at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab have turned shoddy data into headline-friendly eating lessons that they could feed to the masses.

A Gun-Control Measure Conservatives Should Consider

To understand the American gun-control debate, you have to understand the fundamentally different starting positions of the two sides. Among conservatives, there is the broad belief that the right to own a weapon for self-defense is every bit as inherent and unalienable as the right to speak freely or practice your religion.

The GVRO is consistent with and recognizes both the inherent right of self-defense and the inherent right of due process. It is not collective punishment. It is precisely targeted.

My Larry Nassar Testimony Went Viral. But There’s More to the Gospel Than Forgiveness.

Interview Former gymnast Rachael Denhollander spent years discovering God’s perspective on sexual abuse. Then her advocacy for survivors cost her her church.

How to build your own AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras

How to build your own AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras Teach a machine to learn Connect4 strategy through self-play and deep learning In this article I’ll attempt to cover three things: (1) Two reasons why AlphaZero is a massive step forward for Artificial Intelligence, (2) How you can build a replica of the AlphaZero methodology to play the game Connect4, (3) How you can adapt the code to plug in other games

Our minds can be hijacked - the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

Justin Rosenstein had tweaked his laptop’s operating system to block Reddit, banned himself from Snapchat, which he compares to heroin, and imposed limits on his use of Facebook. But even that wasn’t enough.

One interesting take on in discussing with people who built these systems is both funny and eye opening.

It is revealing that many of these younger technologists are weaning themselves off their own products, sending their children to elite Silicon Valley schools where iPhones, iPads and even laptops are banned. They appear to be abiding by a Biggie Smalls lyric from their own youth about the perils of dealing crack cocaine: never get high on your own supply.

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise.

A compelling article about what can really be done, by looking at all the evidence.

We save lives by focusing on a range of tactics to protect the different kinds of potential victims and reforming potential killers, not from sweeping bans focused on the guns themselves.

How to End Mass Incarceration

The United States has not always been the world’s leading jailer, the only affluent democracy to make “incapacitation” its criminal justice system’s goal. Once upon a time, it fashioned itself as the very model of what Michel Foucault called “the disciplinary society.”

Same Stats, Different Graphs - Generating Datasets with Varied Appearance and Identical Statistics through Simulated Annealing

It can be difficult to demonstrate the importance of data visualization. Some people are of the impression that charts are simply “pretty pictures”, while all of the important information can be divined through statistical analysis. Recently, Alberto Cairo created the Datasaurus dataset which urges people to “never trust summary statistics alone; always visualize your data”, since, while the data exhibits normal seeming statistics, plotting the data reveals a picture of a dinosaur. Inspired by Anscombe’s Quartet and the Datasaurus, we present, The Datasaurus Dozen.

This article presents interesting ideas about the use of summary statistics and the need to inspect data further.

How to Read the Bible for Yourself
  1. Read for the author’s meaning, not your own.
  2. Ask questions to unlock the riches of the Bible.
  3. At every page, pray and ask for God’s help.
Turn My Eyes from Worthless Things

Aldous Huxley called it “man’s almost infinite appetite for distraction” (Revisited, 35). And sixty years later, our endless desire for “the totally irrelevant” has finally been matched by the endless offerings of irrelevance in our smartphones.

I was convicted and challenged by this passage:

In other words, we’re not simply creatures of our environment; we are creatures shaped by the selective input we choose to focus on in our environment.

The Philando Castile Verdict Was a Miscarriage of Justice

Yesterday, a Minnesota jury acquitted St. Anthony, Minnesota, police officer Jeronimo Yanez of second-degree manslaughter charges in the shooting of Philando Castile. In considering the rightness of the verdict, pay close attention to the transcript of the fatal encounter.

The Unwritten Law That Helps Bad Cops Go Free

It’s imperative that juries understand that not all fear is reasonable, and some officers simply and wrongly panic. Yesterday afternoon, Minnesota officials finally released the full video of the traffic stop that cost Philando Castile his life.

Easter’s Blow to My Social Apathy

Easter is more than a saccharine, pastel-colored American holiday. It’s an announcement to the world that there is another story, something more than the cycle of violence, inhumanity, and hatred that corrupts every corner of the cosmos. Christianity assigns worth based not on utility or beauty, but on every human’s unique status as an image-bearer of the Almighty. Christ defeated the enemy, and that unleashes a Spirit-led army, in every generation, to be healing agents for the world.

Do Pets Distract the Christian Life?

Audio Transcript Episode 1,001 in the life of the podcast, and our question today comes from a longtime listener named Jordan: “Dear Pastor John, What is your conviction about owning a pet? Do you have any pets, or do you see them more as a hindrance and distraction when considering how we should spend our time here during our short stay on earth?”

You can read or listen. Piper concludes with a great summary of one reason he has a dog, Dusty.

So, what is Dusty to me? Well, if Jesus says: Consider the birds, et cetera, I say: Consider Dusty. She loves people more than food. She overflows with affection without testing your character first. She is indomitably happy, rain or shine. She holds no grudges whatsoever, no matter how she is treated. Her youth at eight seems to be renewed like the eagles. So, if you, Father, so taught a beast with no soul, no moral or spiritual capacities, to live that kind of life, how much more should her master feel ashamed that even with the Holy Spirit I struggle to do those things?

Basic Bioethics - Why Christians should care about bioethics

Editor’s note: This is the first article in a monthly series on what Christians should know about bioethics. Abortion. Euthanasia… 5 reasons Christians should care about bioethics.

Make America Singapore

I have been devoting this space to deliberately implausible ideas lately, and the time has come to turn to an issue that our politicians are actually debating: health care reform. Though “debating” might be a strong word, since the politicians I’m talking about are all Republicans, and it’s hard to have a serious argument when most everyone involved (including our unhappy president) really, really wishes that they could just stop and talk about tax cuts instead.

A Perfect Game

In his later philosophy, Heidegger liked to indulge in eccentric etymologies because he was certain that there are truths deeply hidden in language. It is one of the more beguilingly magical aspects of his thought and therefore—to my mind—one of the more convincing.

Part of the deeper excitement of the game is following how the strategy is progressively altered, from pitch to pitch, cumulatively and prospectively, in accordance both with the situation of the inning and the balance of the game. There is nothing else like it, for sheer progressive intricacy, in all of sport. Comparing baseball to even the most complex versions of the oblong game is like comparing chess to tiddlywinks.

The Arrogant Thinking of Liberal Sports Writers

“Today, sports writing is basically a liberal profession, practiced by liberals who enforce an unapologetically liberal code,” writes Bryan Curtis at The Ringer. He’s right. You can see it in the way sportswriters police a consensus against the Washington Redskins’ name, or for on-field political activism.

On Living Well - Five Lessons from Antonin Scalia

Justice Antonin Scalia, who died one year ago today, was very good at what he did. As many have attested in their moving tributes to him, he had the judicial virtues in spades — intellect, wisdom, impartiality, and eloquence.

Saint Irenaeus wrote, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” That was Justice Scalia — a man fully alive, and thoroughly happy. His many virtues were the key to his flourishing. And they are just as much a part of his legacy as are his judgeship and jurisprudence.

More than Hashtags - Fight for Human Dignity

It’s hard these days not to be inundated with reports of violence and death. On social media, the news scrolls past your eyes as much as you allow it. If you watch cable news, the top of the hour is filled with fresh scenes of tragedy.

Workflow 1.7 Introduces Magic Variables for Easier, More Powerful Visual Automation

At its core, Workflow is a visual programming app that deals with variables. Data flows through actions and is altered by the user until it has to be stored in a variable – a local reference that can be recalled in subsequent steps.