Technology | Monday, April 10, 2017

Contemplating Wordpress

When To Undertake A New Framework

Wordpress offers a great framework that I explored for dynamic content. Ultimately, I desired other features and stuck with pelican, but enjoyed the learning process.

After some thought and discussion about static versus dynamic websites, I began considering switching to Wordpress. With much of the internet built on Wordpress, deeply understanding its data models and construction intrigued me. I knew that websites I built for friends or colleagues could be maintained by others if I did not have the time carved out to do so.

Technology | Friday, January 13, 2017

Apps For Spiritual Growth

Leveraging Technology for the Eternal

While smartphones often use the urgent to distract from the important, a few apps prioritize eternal information. Neubible, Verses and Echo creates useful content on our distraction devices.

Many Bible apps exist displaying an assortment of features to enhance user engagement. Because numerous options exist, each app tailors features and flow to stand out from the rest. However, due to the sad state of search within the app store, finding the best one is difficult. Therefore, many default to the first choice without exploring other options. Neubible provides two key features - simplicity and speed.

Technology | Thursday, April 21, 2016

Coding Mobile

Creating code on the go with Editorial

A larger update to the python code combined with the power of Editorial Workflows allows me to write, review and publish all on the go.

A few minor improvements create an easier experience for both the reader and myself. Adding an RSS feed gives you access to auto updates in your reader of choice. This avoids unnecessary email that clutters inboxes and sits unread. While many feed generators exist, I again coded by hand to gain a better understand of the detail within specific xml files, which you can see at the public GitHub repository. I realize nobody but us nerds use RSS feeds, but this extra project allowed me to understand the structure behind the built in generators that exist in platforms such as Wordpress.

Technology | Friday, February 26, 2016

Two Months with the Apple Watch

The pros and cons of Apple's wearable tech.

After two months of use and abuse, I'd like to summarize what makes the apple watch great, its drawbacks and a brief comparison to the Fitbits available.

What makes the apple watch great? At a glance I can see the weather, my schedule, and the time and date. A few swipes reveals other important information that I configured in the glances sections. I set my notifications to only important reminders or incoming communication that requires attention. This personalization makes the Apple watch simple, quick, and easy to use.

Technology | Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How I Built This Website

Design, Development and Deployment

Learning website coding can be daunting with the proliferation of resources. Let's look at how I built this website, knowing zero HTML, CSS or JavaScript.

It would be unfair to say I knew nothing of programing before beginning the learning process. For my job as a Petrophysicist, I use python often, but more in a hackish way. I rarely write classes or good object oriented code. I leave most my data in arrays or lists as often I write scripts with a fast approaching deadline. When writing full workflows, I try to apply best practices to achieve maximum computational efficiency, which requires object oriented programing.